Welcome to the Accounting and Economics Society!

The Society's mission is to promote the development of theory in accounting and its use in empirical discourse. The Society is open to anyone interested in taking an active role in promoting this mission.

The Society is involved in two events. These will take place at the Rady School of Management, in San Diego, over the week 8/5 to 8/10, one week before the annual meeting of the AAA in San Francisco. San Diego is a short flight from San Francisco and driving distance from Los Angeles. Please mark your calendars.

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Jr. Accounting Theory Conference (8/9/19-8/10/19)

Since 2011, the Jr. Accounting Theory Conference (JATC) has been the leading conference for new developments in theory work in accounting, with an emphasis on the highest quality papers written by junior faculty and Ph.D students. The conference is open to all and gathers theory-minded researchers to present their work and obtain useful feedback in a friendly and constructive environment. Papers at all stages are welcome but we also give special focus to early-stage or in-progress research. The target audience of the conference is all faculty of rank assistant or associate as well as any advanced graduate student. The conference is a great venue for new working papers and papers presented at the conference have been published in prestigious journals across disciplines such as The Accounting Review, the Journal of Accounting and Economics, the Journal of Financial Reporting, the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, the Review of Accounting Studies, Production and Operations Management, Contemporary Accounting Research, Marketing Science, and Management Science.

The JATC takes place over August 9th and August 10th. For more details, a call for papers is available here. You can submit a paper, prior to 4/30/2018, using the submission box below. We offer spots on a first-come first-serve basis, so we kindly ask you to register as early as possible. This year's conference is co-organized by H. Friedman (UCLA), M. Heinle (Wharton), Xiaojing Meng (NYU) and Gaoqing Zhang (Minnesota).

Registration is open. Please download the brochure here.

Please follow this link to submit your paper.

Note that seats may be limited by room requirements, and we will process registrations on first-come first-serve basis. Please register to the event by following the link below:

AES Summer School in Theory and Empirical Research (8/5/19 -8/8/19)

The Accounting and Economics Society is pleased to announce the 2nd summer school in Theory and Empirical Research, which will take place at the Rady School of management, UCSD, from Monday 8/5/19 to Thursday 8/8/19. The objective of the summer school is to teach accounting theory and methods to incorporate theory in empirical research, in a manner that is self-contained for researchers from various backgrounds. The sessions are designed for researchers with or without prior experience in the methods. We invite faculty members at any level as well as graduate students.

Jon Glover (Columbia) and H. Sapra (Chicago) will be the resident scholars for the lectures and will cover the theory part; additional courses on theory-based estimation will be assured by I. Marinovic (Stanford), J. Bertomeu (UCSD), Y. Xiao (Duke) and F. Zhou (Wharton).

The event is part of a week-long event at UCSD, and will be followed by the yearly conference of the Junior Accounting Theory Conference on Friday 8/9/19 and Saturday 8/10/19, as well as an optional class trip on Sunday 8/11/19. Note that, this year, the annual meeting of the AAA will be in San Francisco, a short flight from San Diego (1.5h), with regular sessions starting on 8/12/19.

We kindly ask interested participants to apply for the summer school. Spots are limited. The conference is heavily subsidized by UCSD and the AES, and we only ask for a modest contribution of $199 for breakfast and lunches. We will offer preferential hotel rates as well as shared accommodations at very low rates. Please submit an application using the following form, below, before 4/30/2018.

The conference is open to everyone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the organizers.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

Please click here for the summer school main page and program.