AES Weekly Webinars

The AES hosts a Research Webinar for working papers of joint interest in Economics and Accounting. The webinars are on Fridays 10AM PST (1PM EST), and you can connect using the following link (with a computer or smartphone). If you would like to subscribe to the webinar announcements or present a paper, please email

Link to Webinar

Meeting ID: 553-583-409

Schedule Winter 2019

01/31/2020, Judson Caskey (UCLA)

02/14/2020, Minlei Ye (Toronto)

02/28/2020, Snehal Banerjee (UCSD)

03/13/2020, Daniel Rappoport (Chicago)

04/03/2020, Dan Taylor (Wharton)

04/24/2020, Lucas Mahieux (Tilburg)

04/17/2020, Phil Stocken (Dartmouth)

Schedule Fall 2019

07/5/2019, M. Ottaviani (Bocconi), Resource Allocation across Fields: Proportionality, Demand Relativity, and Benchmarking

09/27/2019, R. Ramanan (SUNY Binghampton), Disclosing to conceal: Impeding competitor learning from the stock market

04/10/2019, R. Zheng (UT Austin), Signaling Entrepreneurial Vision via Information System Design

11/10/2019, S. Srihdar (Northwestern), Voluntary Earnings Forecasts, Investment Decisions, and Earnings Management

11/25/2019, P. Liang (Carnegie Mellon), Accounting and Real Effects: A Calibration

11/1/2019, K. Ray (Texas A&M), Performance Targets and Earnings Management

11/15/2019, W. Dessein (Columbia), Organizational Capital, Corporate Leadership and Firm Dynamics

11/22/2019, K. Smith (Stanford), Learning about Risk-Factor Exposures from Earnings: Implications for Asset Pricing and Manipulation

12/6/2019, X. Jiang (Duke), Why is Certified Financial Reporting Mandatory? A Real-Effects Perspective