AES Weekly Webinars

The AES hosts a Research Webinar for working papers of joint interest in Economics and Accounting. The webinars are on Fridays 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST), and you can connect using the following link (with a computer or smartphone). If you would like to subscribe to the webinar announcements or present a paper, please email

Starting April 2021, webinars are distributed on the AES Youtube channel. Please click on the link below to access recordings and Subscribe to remain up to date on all webinars and events.

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The format for the 2021-2022 webinar series is a weekly meeting but with a rotation of (1) AES Big Topics, (2) Theory Talks, (3) Research Webinars, (4) AES tutorials. AES Big Topics Talks are conversations with a scholar to discuss big unanswered questions of accounting and open new areas of research in an interview format that is less constraining that a formal seminar. Theory talks are conversations about new working papers and published research in the form of podcast and open audience (everyone is invited!). Webinars are regular working papers; finally AES tutorials are methodological topics of interest.  If you would like to present a paper, please send us an email to

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Fall and Spring 2023 Seminar Season

01/20/2023, Debt Maturity Management, Felipe Varas (Duke)
01/27/2023, Project Selection, Information Feedback, and Catering to Market Belief, Jan  Schneemeier (Indiana)
02/03/2023, Liquidity of Securities, Sivan Frenkel (Tel Aviv)
02/17/2023, Stochastic Expected Return, Disclosure, and Implied Cost of Capital, Jun  Liu (UC San Diego)
02/24/2023, Innovation Incentives and Competition for Corporate Resources, Sunil Dutta (UC Berkeley)
03/03/2023, Disclosure to Competitors in Light of Endogenous Firm Investments, Brian Mittendorf (Ohio State)
03/10/2023, Amendment Thresholds and Voting Rules in Debt Contracts, Judson Caskey (UC Los Angeles)
03/17/2023, ESG Ratings for Corporate Governance, Pierre Chaigneau (Queen's University)
04/07/2023, Brice Corgnet (EM Lyon)
04/24/2023, Theory Talks: Big Questions of Social Sciences missing in Accounting 
04/21/2023, Peter Demerjian (Georgia State)
05/12/2023, Ilan Guttman (New York University)
05/19/2023, Radhika Lunawat (UC Irvine)
05/25/2023, Shiva Sivaramakrishnan (Rice)
06/02/2023, Yucheng Liang (Carnegie Mellon)

Prior Seminars

01/14/2022, Accounting for Risk, with Stephen Penman (Columbia)

01/21/2022, Zeqiong Huang (Yale), Net Income Measurement, Investor Inattention, and Firm Decisions

01/28/2022, AES tutorials: Writing and Presenting Theory

02/04/2022, AES Theory Talks: Philosophy of Science in Economics and Accounting

02/11/2022, How Technology is Changing Accounting, with Miklos Vasarhelyi (Rutgers)

02/18/2022, AES Theory Talks: New Research and Accounting Challenges in Banking

02/25/2022, Vivian Fang (Minnesota), Everlasting Fraud

03/04/2022, AES Theory Talks: Should Accounting Account for Inflation?

03/11/2022, Naveen Gondhi (INSEAD), Incentivizing Effort and Informing Investment: The Dual Role of Stock Prices

04/01/2022, Beyond Financial Reporting: Futures of Tax Research, with R. Sansing (Dartmouth)

04/15/2022, AES Tutorials: Using the Lab in Accounting Research

04/22/2022, Lucas Mahieux (Tilburg), Banks' disclosure choices in the presence of adverse selection and runs

04/29/2022, Josef Schroth (Central Bank of Canada), Outside investor access to top management: market monitoring versus managerial bias 

05/6/2022, JAR conference, no webinar 

05/13/2022, EAA conference, no webinar 

05/20/2022, Purdue Theory Conference, no webinar

05/27/2022, AES Theory Talks: The Role of Theory in Empirical Work

06/03/2022, Some Lessons from Academic Research on ESG Reporting and Economic Consequences, with C. Leuz (Chicago)

06/10/2022, Regulating, motivating and measuring ESG outcomes, A. Riggs-Cragun (Chicago) 

9/10/2021, From Dawn to Dusk? Origins and Evolutions of Accounting Across the Ages, conversation, with Sudipta Basu (Temple) and Greg Waymire (Emory)

9/17/2021, AES Theory Talks: Bringing Accounting Theory in the Classroom

9/24/2021, The Pulls of Psychology and Economics, with Steve Kachelmeier (Austin)

10/1/2021, AES tutorials: Dynamic Programming in Matlab, code and model, lecture 1 (value function iteration), lecture 2 (simulation and estimation)

10/8/2021, AES Theory Talks: Contemporary Topics in Financial Accounting Research

10/15/2021, JAE conference, no webinar

10/22/2021, Conservatism: the Most Important and Misunderstood Feature of Accounting, with Chandra Kanodia (Minnesota)

10/29/2021, JAR Registered Reports conference, no webinar

11/5/2021, AES Theory Talks: Can Accounting Survive as an Academic Discipline without Testing Theory?

11/12/2021, AES tutorials: Continuous-time contracting theory

11/19/2021,  Living real-world Accounting Problems as a Scholar, with Rick Antle (Yale)

12/3/2021, AES tutorials: Global games

12/10/2021, RASt conference, no webinar

05/28/2021, Bradyn Breon-Drish (UCSD), Investment Efficiency and Welfare with Feedback Effects

05/21/2021, Eva Labro (UNC), Managing Employee Retention Concerns: Evidence from US Census Data

05/7/2021, JAR Conference, no webinar

04/30/2021, Gilles Chemla (Imperial), Signaling, Instrumentation, and CFO Decision-Making

04/23/2021, Paolo Fulghieri (UNC), Uncertainty, Contracting, and Beliefs in Organizations

04/16/2021, Jonathan Bonham (Chicago), Contracting on what Firm Owners Value

04/09/2021, Columbia Burton Conference, no webinar

04/02/2021, Matthias Breuer (Columbia),  Learning to Disclose: Disclosure Dynamics in the 1890s Streetcar Industry

03/26/2021, Jungho Choi (Stanford), Job Search with Financial Information: Theory and Evidence

03/19/2021, New Perspectives in Audit Theory, Part II: Economics and Audit Research, R. Knechel (Florida), readings 1 and 2

03/12/2021, New Perspectives in Audit Theory, Part I: Three Recent Advances in Auditing, M. Ye (Toronto), H. Friedman (UCLA),  H. Hwang (Austin)

03/05/2021, Liyan Yang (Toronto), Whoever Has Will Be Given More: Information Sharing in Financial Markets

02/26/2021, Nick Dopuch Conference and University of Houston Conference, no webinar

02/19/2021, Chen Li (NYU Shanghai), Was Sarbanes-Oxley Costly? Evidence from Optimal Contracting on CEO Compensation

02/12/2021, Cyrus Aghamolla (Minnesota), Sequential Reporting Bias

02/05/2021, Lucas Mahieux (Tilburg), Monitoring Spillovers Between Competing Passive and Active Asset Managers

01/29/2021, Pablo Casas-Arce (Arizona),  Motivating through Managing by Walking Around

01/22/2021, FARS conference, no seminar

01/15/2021, Accounting for Compensation: Dynamic Moral Hazard and Optimal Accruals, Seung Lee (Odense)

12/04/2020, Editor Panel on Writing Theory in Accounting, with I. Guttman (NYU), F. Sabac (Alberta), P. Fischer (Wharton) and T. Hemmer (Rice),
moderated by J. Bertomeu (Wash U)

11/27/2020, Thanksgiving Break

11/20/2020, Zeqiong Huang (Yale), Why Impose Accounting Uniformity Information

11/13/2020, Xiaojing Meng (NYU), Information, Incentives and CEO replacement

11/06/2020, Kevin Smith, Disclosing to Informed Traders

10/23/2020, Martin Szydlowski (Minnesota), Friends Don’t Lie: Monitoring and Communication With Risky Investments

10/16/2020, Jeremy Bertomeu (Wash U), The Editor's Problem

10/09/2020, Giulio Trigilia (Rochester), Voluntary disclosure, moral hazard & default risk

10/02/2020, Ning Gong (Deakin), Partial Information Disclosure and Share Price Volatility

09/25/2020, Stefan Schantl (Melbourne), Rules-Based versus Principles-Based Accounting Standards: A Relevance-Enforceability Tradeoff 

09/18/2020, JAR Conference, no webinar

09/11/2020, Wenjie Xue (NUS), On the Real Effects of Asset Write-offs: Theory and Empirical Evidence

09/04/2020, Fanny Camara (USC), Preemption and Forecast Acccuracy: A Structural Approach

08/28/2020, Joyce Tian (Waterloo), CEO Overconfidence, Moral Hazard and Investment

08/21/2020, Zach Kaplan (Wash U), Show Me the Money! Dividend Policy in Countries with Weak Institutions

08/14/2020, Aneesh Raghunandan (London School of Economics), Information Diffusion and Opportunism: Evidence from Occupational Safety Violations

07/24/2020- 08/07/2020, summer school, no webinar

07/17/2020, Tim Shields (Chapman), Accounting Conservatism as a Social Norm

07/10/2020, Tom Ruchti (Carnegie Mellon), The Value of Lending Relationships

07/03/2020, Richard Lowery (Austin), Collusion in Brokered Markets 

06/26/2020, Davide Cianciaruso (HEC), Information Design in Financial Markets

06/19/2020, Dan Taylor (Wharton), Voluntary Disclosure when Private Information and Proprietary Costs are Jointly Determined

06/12/2020, Beatrice Michaeli (UCLA), Voluntary Disclosure of Firms Covered by Analysts with Uncertain Forecasting Objective

06/05/2020, Jon Glover (Columbia), Optimal Pay-Performance Sensitivity for Team Incentives between Top Executives

05/29/2020, Seung Lee (Odense), Accounting Information and Contracting Dynamics

05/22/2020, Pierre Chaigneau (Queen), CEO Turnover, Performance Measurement and Monitoring

05/15/2020, Adam Spencer (Nottingham), Policy Effects of International Taxation on Firm Dynamics and Capital Structure

05/08/2020, Carlos Corona (Carnegie Mellon), Accounting Standards Uniformity, Comparability, and Resource Allocation Efficiency

05/01/2020, Tong Lu (Houston), Prudential Regulation under the CECL Model: Reward/Risk and Cycle Turns

04/24/2020, Lucas Mahieux (Tilburg), Interplay between Accounting and Prudential Regulation

04/17/2020, Phil Stocken (Dartmouth), Regulatory Standards, Auditor Industry Specialization, and Audit Quality

04/10/2020, Edwige Cheynel (UCSD), On Market Concentration and Disclosure

04/03/2020, Henry Friedman (UCLA), Interested Intermediaries

03/13/2020, Daniel Rappoport (Chicago), Rank Uncertainty in Organizations

02/28/2020, Snehal Banerjee (UCSD), The Man(ager) Who Knew Too Much 

02/14/2020, Minlei Ye (Toronto), Audit Partner Identification, Assignment, and the Labor Market for Audit Talent 

01/31/2020, Judson Caskey (UCLA), Investor agreement: Implications for the pricing of idiosyncratic risk

12/06/2019, Xu Jiang (Duke), Why is Certified Financial Reporting Mandatory? A Real-Effects Perspective

11/25/2019, Pierre Liang (Carnegie Mellon), Accounting and Real Effects: A Calibration

11/22/2019, Kevin Smith (Stanford), Learning about Risk-Factor Exposures from Earnings: Implications for Asset Pricing and Manipulation 

11/15/2019, Wouter Dessein (Columbia), Organizational Capital, Corporate Leadership and Firm Dynamics

11/10/2019, Sri Sridhar (Northwestern), Voluntary Earnings Forecasts, Investment Decisions, and Earnings Management 

11/01/2019, Korok Ray (Texas A&M), Performance Targets and Earnings Management

04/10/2019, Ronghuo Zheng (UT Austin), Signaling Entrepreneurial Vision via Information System Design 

09/27/2019, Ram Ramanan (SUNY Binghampton), Disclosing to conceal: Impeding competitor learning from the stock market 

07/05/2019, Marco Ottaviani (Bocconi), Grantmaking